Brombal Materials and Finishes

At Brombal, they specialize in manufacturing all of their window and door systems using the distinct materials listed below.  No other manufacturer has the ability to produce a complete system with this variety of choices. Quality and craftsmanship is the primary focus when working with these materials.  Brombal has the ability to weld flawless and seamless joints in all materials, create extensive unit surrounds, custom bent metal shapes, and a variety of custom trim components in all materials offered.

Brombal USA offers an extensive array of versatile and durable materials.

4 Base Metals:  CorTen Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanized Steel

Brombal Galvanized Steel
Expressive. Imaginative. Creative.
Galvanized steel with a hot zinc coating that can protect the profile from oxidation both on the inside and outside.
Brombal Cor-Ten Steel
Rustic. Refined. Elegant.
CorTen Steel is a high tensile strength, corrosion resistant steel alloy which contains copper, chromium and phosphorous. The name (Cor-Ten) reflects the special properties of this alloy: corrosion resistance (Cor) and high tensile strength (Ten).

Brombal Stainless Steel
Clean. Solid. Precise.
Stainless steel is an iron alloy containing chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. It was discovered in 1913 by Englishman Harry Brearly after realizing he created a metal which resisted rusting when exposed to atmospheric elements. By varying the quantity of the alloys, over 100 different types of stainless can be manufactured, each containing different structural properties and resistance to corrosions. In addition to its physical benefit, different manufacturing methods can be used to create a high luster or matte finish.
materials-brombal4_bronzeBrombal Brass
Warm. Inviting. Alluring.
Brombal Brass is made from 67% copper and 33% Zinc.This ratio is what allows the alloy to acquire a beautiful patina typical of antique old bronze finish.

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