Brombal Steel

About Steel
Simple and unyielding, powder coated galvanized steel boasts a great tradition and has always played an irreplaceable role in the building trade. Slender steel frames offer a functional and practical solution to the aesthetic requirements of today’s most demanding architects and designers.

With hundreds of standard and custom colors to choose from, a powder coated painted finish is not only a practical solution, but also the perfect choice for unique and elaborate designs.

The Material

Steel is an iron alloy which uses are countless. Simple, tough, and perfect for a variety of uses, Steel boasts great tradition and plays an irreplaceable role in the building industry. It has greater structural qualities than most other materials which allows architects and designers the ability to create openings that are larger with more glass. Utilizing steel for window and door frames allows for the thinnest and narrowest profiles available.


  • Thermally broken.
  • High structural characteristics for large unobstructed openings.
  • 3 times stronger than aluminum.
  • 4 times less conductive than aluminum.
  • Made from 100% recycled materials.
  • Reduced coefficient of expansion.
  • Narrow sight lines.
  • Modern and traditional designs.









Brombal uses a specific steel alloy, the FePO2 with a GZ200 hot zinc coating that can protect the profile from oxidation both on the inside and outside face.  The subsequent finishing process, called skin-passing, allows a better paint grip thanks to polyester powders cooked at 180 degrees and supplied in a wide variety of colors available in polished, semi-polished, or sable finishing.  The technical-physical feature of the steel allows the realization of profiles with small sections and subsequent lower visual impact and increased indoor brightness.  Other important features of galvanized steel are an elastic modulus 3 times higher and thermal conductivity 4 times lower than aluminum alloys.

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