Energy & Performance Ratings

Glazing Options and Related Performance

Loewen offers two impact-resistant glazing systems with options for use in the State of Florida.  IP is our term for insulated impact and MP for monolithic impact.  Each of these glazing systems offer the ability to customize their performance to suit your particular needs through the use of tints and LowE.

LowE vs Tint

LowE is a smart technology that is more selective than standard tint. 

Loewen Windows offer exclusively LowE from Cardinal Glass, by far the largest supplier of high-performance glass to the top tiers of the window and door business.  Cardinal LowE 272 is a high-performance glazing system that offers great thermal value in a variety of climate zones. Heat-Smart® X with Cardinal LowE 366 provides superior protection against solar heat gain — ideal for hot, southern climates like Florida and the Caribbean.

Find the NFRC Energy Ratings for your choice of glass here.

Why Loewen glass is some of the best in the industry

The combination of the best materials and superior manufacturing technology results in an exceptional product. Loewen sources 100% of their impact glass from Cardinal’s Fargo, ND plant assuring consistency in supply. Loewen internal quality control meets and exceeds industry glass standards. Clarity, durability and reliable performance are the consumer benefits that drive our obsession to supply the best glass possible.