Product Selections

Loewen Engineering Results in Uncommon Strength and Durability, Enabling Dramatic Design, Innovation and Inspiration

1. Coastal Douglas Fir for strength and rigidity (optional Coastal FSC Douglas Fir and Mahogany available).
2. Laminated sash for enhanced structural stability and a tight weather seal.
3. Dual seal on glass units for long hermetic seal life.
4. Natural clear wood interior ideal for staining or painting.
5. Profiled sash edge for a finished look and integration with Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) bars.
6. Optional extruded aluminum cladding for low maintenance, available in a wide range of colors.
7. Minimal use of exposed exterior caulking on glass surfaces.
8. No metal-to-glass contact for improved energy efficiency.
9. Triple seal glazing system on metal clad units to effectively block moisture infiltration.
10. Hidden venting channel to allow built-up condensation to escape, increasing seal and sash life.
11. Authentic stile and rail construction. No miters.
12. Mortise and tenon sash corner joints for structural stability.
13. Taller bottom rail to create a custom architectural look reminiscent of traditional joinery and to enhance structural stability and strength.
14. Airspace between wood and window cladding for air circulation and added insulative value.
15. Secondary weatherstrip to deflect wind-driven rain from primary seal.

The window corner section illustrated is a Douglas Fir Awning/Casement unit. Doors and other window models may have construction and performance differences. Review with your Authorized Loewen Dealer for a full understanding of the Loewen product line.