Window Hardware

Selecting a style and finish that reflects your unique taste is a critical part of creating the right look. But choosing hardware involves more than just appearance — function and operation are essential, which is why Loewen offers a wide range of handles, locking systems and other hardware choices — from the most traditional to the most contemporary. Hardware must also offer intelligent design and flexibility.

For hard-to-reach windows, optional motorized operators can be activated by a simple wall switch or battery operated remote control. Here are some examples of window hardware:

                   Double or Single Hung:                                              Push Out Awning or Casement:                 

Double Hung Sash Lock

Double Hung Sash Lift

Push Out Casement Locking Handle (Antique Brass)

Push Out Casement Screen Knob (Brushed Chrome)

                                    Roto Gear Awning or Casement:

Provence Handle & Cover(oil rubbed)

Hannover Handle & Cover (linen)

Concealed Lock